Dr. Yann Krupa
PhD in Artificial Intelligence

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PhD thesis:PrivaCIAS: Privacy as Contextual Integrity in Decentralized Multi-Agent Systems [PDF]
Supervisors: Pr O. Boissier, Pr L. Vercouter.
Keywords: Social reasoning, privacy, trust, reputation, multi-agent systems.



  • 2012: Andrei Ciortea and Yann Krupa and Laurent Vercouter, Designing privacy-aware social networks: a multi-agent approach. WIMS. [Bib]
  • 2012: Krupa, Y. and Vercouter, L., Handling privacy as contextual integrity in decentralized virtual communities: The PrivaCIAS framework. Web Intelligence and Agent Systems. [Pdf] [Bib]
  • 2011: Krupa, Y. and Vercouter, L., Contrôle social de la privacité selon l'intégrité contextuelle dans les systèmes décentralisés. JFSMA. [Bib]
  • 2010: Krupa, Y. and Vercouter, L., Contextual Integrity and Privacy Enforcing Norms for Virtual Communities. COIN. [Pdf] [Bib]
  • 2010: Yann Krupa and Jordi Sabater-Mir and Laurent Vercouter, Handling Privacy as Contextual Integrity in Virtual Communities. WIVE 2010. [Pdf] [Bib]
  • 2009: Yann Krupa and Laurent Vercouter and Jomi Fred Hubner and Andreas Herzig, Trust Based Evaluation of Wikipedia's Contributors. Engineering Societies in the Agents World X. [Pdf] [Bib]
  • 2009: Yann Krupa, Jomi Fred Hubner and Laurent Vercouter, Extending the Comparison Efficiency of the ART Testbed. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Reputation: Theory and Technology - ICORE 09, Gargonza, Italy. [Pdf] [Bib]
  • 2008: Yann Krupa, Définition d'un banc d'essai pour les modèles de réputation et de confiance multi-agents. Master's Thesis. [Pdf] [Bib]

PhD International Program

Master Thesis



  • Lectures and Practical Courses in Java Web applications (Tomcat, Java Servlet, Applet, JSP, Javascript, XML, Ajax, ...), attended by 2nd year engineers
  • Lectures and Practical Courses in "basic" JAVA (Object programming basics), attended by 1st year engineers
  • Practical Courses in Middleware (CORBA, RMI, ...), attended by 3rd year engineers and 2nd year Masters
  • Tutoring student's projects in ANSI C and JAVA


  • Msc. "Web Intelligence" at Univ. Jean Monnet and Ecole des Mines, Saint-Etienne
  • Bsc. of Computer Science at Univ. Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne.

Other Interests

  • Fencing, practising since the age of 11, earned Initiateur teaching level.
  • Mountain Biking, there are some nice forests around Saint-Etienne.
  • Music playing: Guitar.
 Pédiatre Fontanil Grenoble Saint-Egreve

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